Live Silver Prices and Silver Price Per Ounce Today

Silver Prices – Live or Historical?

What’s your focus, when it comes to silver prices – live or historical?

If you’re serious about investing in silver, here’s the best answer to that question: both.

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Silver Prices Per Ounce – And a Ratio to Consider

Silver prices per ounce were $37.37 at the last market close.

Silver prices are still trending upward…but they’ve been in an upward trend for decades.

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Silver Price

At this moment, the current silver price is $32.99 per ounce, and on the rise.

Trending graphs show this precious metal continuing to climb in price. And, of course, it costs less than gold. But is it a good investment?

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Silver Prices

With silver prices on the rise, many investors are taking a second look at this precious metal. But what reasons are there to make us want to seriously consider this investment option?

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Silver Spot Price

The silver spot price is the amount you’d pay, right at this moment, for purchasing silver right now. The settlement date, which is the day you receive your goods, is usually one or two days following the purchase.

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